Hidden Dungeons (P.I.HUNT 2)

Hidden Dungeons
Author(s)Jack Lance
AnswerClick to revealOMEGA RAYS

Hidden Dungeons is one of the eight unlockable puzzles from P.I.HUNT 2. The main setup is a crossword, though nine of the squares have Greek letters arranged in a 3x3 grid.

Solve Path[edit | edit source]


The crossword can be solved normally, but some of the clue answers are specifically indicated to be clues for the 3x3 grid, which is later used for extraction.

The clue for θ­-Across is Click to revealPIRATE YES, which solves to Click to revealYAR.
The clue for ε-­Down is Click to revealKHAN TITLE, which solves to Click to revealAGA.
The clue for ζ­-Down is Click to revealCD BLANK, which solves to Click to revealROM.
The clue for γ­-Across is Click to revealNOT ID, which solves to Click to revealEGO.
The clue for ι­-Across is Click to revealUS UNCLE, which solves to Click to revealSAM.
The clue for θ­-­Down is Click to revealNOT NO, which solves to Click to revealYES.
As each square of the 3x3 grid has a Greek letter, ordering the English letters put there by Greek alphabet spells out the final answer.

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]

Crossword - The main presentation is a word search.


Reordering - Done to the letters put into the 3x3 grid.