Power Ups (P.I.HUNT 2)

Power Ups
Author(s)Jack Lance
AnswerClick to revealDAMP OASIS

Power Ups is one of the five starter puzzles from P.I.HUNT 2. It consists of a series of video game characters and scores as well as a high score list.

Solve Path[edit | edit source]


The main premise of the puzzle is that the power ups apply transformations to the names of video game characters to get another word.

The P-Switch turns SNAKE to SNAPE by replacing one of the letters with a P.
The green shell turns SHULK to HULK by removing the first letter.
The purple mushroom turns LITTLE MAC to BIG MAC by taking an antonym of a word.
The mini mushroom turns OLIMAR to LIMA by removing the first and last letters.
The Super Bell turns MEWTWO to MU by taking the homonym of the first part of the word.
The triple green shell turns LUCAS to AS by removing the first three letters. This can be thought of as an extension of the single green shell power-up earlier.
The Fake Item Box turns ROBIN to SLADE by taking the main character from the opposing side (protagonist to antagonist and vice versa).
The ring turns FOX to FIX by swapping an O with an I.
The Special Flag turns CREAM to SCREAM by pre-pending an S.
The stopwatch turns LINK to LINKED by taking the past tense.
The Question Mark Block turns VILLAGER to ANIMAL CROSSING by taking the series the character is from.

A similar process is done for the score results, though the scorer and power-ups used need identification from the three letters and final score respectively. Some strategies to finding that include trying the two power-up transformations first and considering multipliers for high scorers.

This takes PIT and uses two power-upsthe power-ups for Fox and Cream to get a wordSPOT.
This takes CLOUD and uses three power-upsthe power-ups for Shulk, Little Mac, and Olimar to get a wordOF.
This takes LAKITU and uses four power-upsthe power-ups for Mewtwo, Little Mac, Cream, and Link to get a wordSHAVED.
This takes IKE and uses three power-upsthe power-ups for Villager, Mewtwo, and Little Mac to get a wordICE.
This takes GANONDORF and uses two power-upsthe power-ups for Robin and Olimar to get a wordIN.
This takes VILLAGER and uses three power-upsthe power-ups for Lucas and Snake with the latter done twice to get a wordPAPER.
This takes BOWSER and uses three power-upsthe power-up for Robin three times to get a wordMARIO.
This takes TAILS and uses two power-upsthe power-up for Lucas and Little Mac to get a wordDS.
The final answer refers to identifying a location for a "thing" from a 3DS game and so this link might be useful.

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]


Identification - Video game characters and transformations need to be applied from the given transformations and high scores.

Transformation Chain - The use of multiple power-ups for the high score part create a transformation chain.