Puzzled Pint

Puzzled Pint
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Running TeamAuthor varies every month
First huntJuly 2010
Most recent huntOctober 2022
Number of hunts124
LocationAbout 80 locations

Puzzled Pint is a monthly puzzle hunt held during the second Tuesday of each month. As the name suggests, the hunt is held in a large selection of bars worldwide, and different cities may choose to pick a different bar around the area each time. Each month's hunt has a different theme, and is 4 puzzles long, possibly including a meta puzzle at the end. The puzzles are also of fairly mild difficulty, in order to allow teams to have a casual and fun puzzling experience while (sometimes) drinking in about an hour. Teams are recommended to have 3-5 people, but there is no particular strict limit. Hints are also freely given to teams that request them. After the event, sometimes a bonus puzzle is also released.

Prior to the start of the month's Puzzled Pint, a "location puzzle" is released, which if solved early gives a link to a page detailing a list of locations for that month. Solving the location puzzle is entirely optional, as the locations are also available on the day of the hunt.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Puzzled Pint was started in July 2010 in the city of Portland, Oregon by Ana Roeszler, Curtis Chen, DeeAnn Sole, Matt Cleinman, and Victor Asteinza. In October 2012, the second location in Seattle, Washington was found, and in November 2013 London was the third location. From here, Puzzled Pint began to quickly expand, reaching 10 locations by September 2014 and 20 locations by July 2015. The first Puzzled Pint with an official theme was held on October 2013, with the theme of "Sherlock", though earlier sets (since September 2010) had themes as well. Locations sometimes tracked standings[2], though this practice mostly stopped by 2020, when locations generally temporarily stopped holding live events as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, virtual events were held.

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