Sand Witches (MIT Mystery Hunt 2020)

Sand Witches
MIT Mystery Hunt 2020
Wizard's Hollow
Author(s)Yar Woo, Ian Tullis, and Doug Zongker
AnswerClick to revealTHORNY ISSUE
No. solves58
No. total guesses87

Sand Witches is a Teamwork Time word puzzle from the Wizard's Hollow round of the 2020 MIT Mystery Hunt.

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]

Interactive (Teamwork Time) - During the hunt, the puzzle was presented as a collaborative "scrum" puzzle, where the solvers on a team saw the same clue at the same time and anyone could submit a guess for that clue.

Clue-centric - The interactive element aside, the puzzle is simply a list of clues with a Sub-answer Checking system.


Something Different - The clues solve to nonsense phrases...

Enumerations - ...with given enumerations.

Hint in Title - An obvious pun on "sandwiches".

Rebus - Each nonsense phrase is actually the result of taking an "X in Y" phrase, placing X inside Y, respacing...

Extraneous Letters - ...and throwing an additional letter into the mix. To take an example, MOUSE DEN RATION (the seventh clue in the list) is in reality USE in MODERATION with an extra N.

Final Clue Phrase - These extraneous letters form the clue phrase HORNY IN TISSUE...

Once More, With Feeling - ...which entails putting the word HORNY in the word TISSUE for the final answer.