Scott's Puzzling Team

Scott's Puzzling Team is a team that specifically participates in Teammate Hunt. The titular Scott is Scott Michael Purdy, whose full name has the interesting property that all five vowels, including Y[1], are represented exactly once.[2] Other team members are similarly formatted. The team minorly changes up the name to fit the theme of the hunt. Team members generally come from Setec Astronomy, and include Dan Katz.

In both Teammate Hunts, teams were allowed to submit a team picture. The team chose pictures with the same property both years; in 2020 they chose a picture of praseodymium, and in 2021 they chose a picture of a supermajority.

Hunt performances[edit | edit source]

Date Hunt Rank Notes
2021-10-01 Teammate Hunt 2021 22 as Scott's Puzzly Festival
2020-10-23 Teammate Hunt 2020 10 as Scott's Puzzle Birthday

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Unfortunately, the title of this page doesn't include a Y. Suggestions are welcome.
  2. The property without requiring a Y is known as a supervocalic, and with requiring a Y is known as a euryvocalic. Both words follow their respective properties.