Continuity (Silph Puzzle Hunt 2021)

Silph Puzzle Hunt 2021
Round 1
AnswerClick to revealSLIDESHOW
No. solves209
No. total guesses389

Continuity is a puzzle from Round 1 of the 2021 Silph Puzzle Hunt. Solvers are given several grids containing letters and shapes.

Solve Path[edit | edit source]


Based on the A-Y and the lettered grids, it is possible to solve each grid as a Hidato, with the letters A-Y standing in for the numbers 1-25, forming a path where adjacent letters are always at least diagonally adjacent. The shapes also trace out the numbers 1, 2, and 3 in the top to bottom order of the grids, providing an ordering of the shapes. Taking the letters of each shape, there is a unique fourth letter that makes a four-letter word. The fourth letters spell out the answer, SLIDESHOW.

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Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]

  • Hidato - Filling out the letters in the grid involves solving several 5x5 Hidatos.

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