Singapore Puzzle Hunt 2015

Singapore Puzzle Hunt 2015
Running TeamPuzzlesmiths
No. of Registered Teams25
No. of Rounds1
No. of Puzzles (Feeders and Metas)13
Timeframe and Location
Start Time01:00PM SGT, July 12, 2015
Official End Time07:00PM SGT, July 12, 2015
Hunt LinkLink
Singapore Puzzle Hunt Chronology
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Singapore Puzzle Hunt 2015 was the inaugural Singapore Puzzle Hunt, with kick-off occurring on July 12th, 2015.

Pre-hunt, the website and registration page contained the following blurb about the hunt theme - "I looked at my watch. Oh dear, it is getting way too late. I have to find her soon and to do that, I will need more help. There are many clues along the way, but I need a group of hunters who are really good at puzzles to solve this mystery. Will you help me?"

1 month before the hunt, registered teams received the Prelude puzzle. Solving this puzzle clued teams on the hunt theme.

The theme for the inaugural Singapore Puzzle Hunt is intended to be part of the SG50 celebrations, to start the first Singapore-based puzzle hunt and bring together the Singapore puzzle community with a uniquely local-themed hunt. The puzzles were all based on local topics/elements which solvers would be familiar with, even if they were new to puzzle hunts. All these were part of the intent to showcase our local culture and iconic traits. At the same time, through this event, solvers could gather together and experience a puzzle hunt live first-hand. The hunt also emphasizes on the solver immersion to the theme and story, with role-play of the White Rabbit and Alice, as well as thematic puzzles and meta, to provide first-time hunt solvers with a memorable experience.

Hunt Introduction[edit | edit source]

Plot[edit | edit source]

The theme for this year's Singapore Puzzle Hunt is "Alice's Adventures in Singapore" (referencing Alice's Adventures in Wonderland). Teams are invited by the White Rabbit to help find Alice, who has inadvertently ended up in Singapore instead of Wonderland.

There are 12 Alice puzzles, each themed after a chapter in the book. After solving the Meta, teams receive the location of Alice for the final Runaround. Alice informs the team that she has enjoyed Singapore so much that she has decided to stay here instead. She gives her book to the team so that they can help the other Wonderland characters go back home.

List of Rounds[edit | edit source]

Round Title Number of Feeder Puzzles Number of Metapuzzles
Alice 12 1

Hunt Souvenirs[edit | edit source]

Each team member received a thematic deck of customized Alice playing cards. The winning team also received a customized book with all the hunt puzzles as well as thematic photos detailing Alice's adventures in Singapore.