Space Filler (MIT Mystery Hunt 2020)

Space Filler
MIT Mystery Hunt 2020
Creative Pictures Studios
Author(s)Charlie Graham
AnswerClick to reveal🏝️
No. solves29
No. total guesses163

The space ride you wanted to go on is completely filled so you explore the surrounding area.

Space Filler is a puzzle from the Creative Pictures Studios round of the 2020 MIT Mystery Hunt.

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]

Something Different - The puzzle is a long list of clues. Each one clues a nonsensical phrase, not unlike the cluing style of a Something Different.


Identification (Geography) - Each answer can be divided into two parts. The first is a city or town in Massachusetts.

Phrasal Reasoning - The other forms a phrase with a color—either brown, green, yellow, or blue.

Paint-By-X - The title and flavortext are intended to nudge towards coloring a municipality map of Massachusetts (rather than placing pins on the city centers, as is more intuitive for other parts of the country). Doing so using the cities and colors in the puzzle draws out the answer.