Description[edit source]

This template is designed to simplify the process of writing sorted tables.

Syntax[edit source]

| Hidden key to be sorted

Example[edit source]

Date Day Present
200801050000005-Jan-08 12 drummerstwelve drummers drumming
200801040000004-Jan-08 11 piperseleven pipers piping
200801030000003-Jan-08 10 lordsten lords a-leaping
200801020000002-Jan-08 9 ladiesnine ladies dancing
200801010000001-Jan-08 8 maidseight maids a-milking
2007123100000031-Dec-07 7 swansseven swans a-swimming
2007123000000030-Dec-07 6 geesesix geese a-laying
2007122900000029-Dec-07 5 goldfive golden rings
2007122800000028-Dec-07 4 calling birdsfour calling birds
2007122700000027-Dec-07 3 french hensthree french hens
2007122600000026-Dec-07 2 turtle dovestwo turtle doves
2007122500000025-Dec-07 1 partridge]]a partridge in a pear tree

Notes[edit source]

See MediaWiki's meta-article on sorting tables for further information