not anagrams (test hunt (Ephesus))

not anagrams
test hunt (Ephesus)
Author(s)Brian Chen
AnswerClick to revealCAPRICORN
No. solves14+
No. total guesses36+

The puzzle is formatted as a list of several alphabetized strings of letters.

Solve Path[edit | edit source]


As the title suggests, these are not anagrams. Looking at the last few strings, it may be possible to see things like ARIUS, AQUARIUS, etc. As it turns out, the "transpose" of several elements in a list were alphabetized. That is, the first letter goes into the first string, the second letter goes in the second string, and so on. The first string has 11 characters, suggesting that there are a total of 11 items. From earlier observations, we may determine that these are in fact 11 of the 12 western zodiac signs. The missing one, CAPRICORN, is the answer.

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]


Anagram - Not really anagrams as per the title, but several collections of letters were re-sorted.

Western zodiac - The theme of the puzzle and the set that it derives from is the western zodiac.