will enhance your life (test hunt (Ephesus))

will enhance your life
test hunt (Ephesus)
Author(s)Brian Chen
AnswerClick to revealBALEFUL POLYMORPH
No. solves13+
No. total guesses33+

The puzzle is a Dropbox link to a screenshot crop of a website.

Solve Path[edit | edit source]


This is a screenshot of a TV Tropes page. (Googling the title also gives TV Tropes as a top result.) At the bottom of each page is a listing showing each category that the trope is in. Due to peculiarities of TV Tropes, the category listing is in a different order, but the same categories are still generally there. The page that generally appears in all of these categories is "Forced Transformation". Also note that it is in the Renamed Tropes / F to K category, which provides a listing of tropes that were renamed from something else. Indeed, the puzzle was written before the trope got renamed, and we want the original name as our answer: BALEFUL POLYMORPH.

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]

To do TO DO