The Storykeeper Bookshop (MIT Mystery Hunt 2020)

The Storykeeper Bookshop
MIT Mystery Hunt 2020
Storybook Forest
Author(s)Linda Holman and Yar Woo, ft. Summer Herrick as Penny
AnswerClick to revealSORRY IM LATE
No. solves76
No. total guesses130

The Storykeeper Bookshop is a video puzzle from the Storybook Forest round of the 2020 MIT Mystery Hunt.

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]

Video - The puzzle content consists of a question, a set of blanks, and a short video depicting Penny shelving books and worrying about getting illustrations done.


Initials - Penny shelves five books with two-word titles. The initials of each word can be pulled for the phrase COVER FOR ME...

Interaction (Creative Task) - ...which means you're going to have to do an illustration for her. You're given a piece of paper and instructions to depict a specific scene. Doing so provides you the answer in the form of a thank-you note. Different teams were instructed to illustrate different scenes; these illustrations were later displayed at the Character Breakfast event.