UMD Puzzle Hunt

UMD Puzzle Hunt
Logo of UMD Puzzle Club
First hunt2017
Most recent hunt2021
Number of hunts6
LocationCollege Park, Maryland and Online

UMD Puzzle Hunt is a puzzle hunt run by UMD Puzzle Club, a student organization at University of Maryland, College Park. Historically, some writers were affiliated with the hunt team Duck Gizzards.[1]

List of Hunts[edit | edit source]

Year Launch Date Number of Puzzles Link Theme Notes
2021 2021-01-02 25 UMD Puzzle Hunt 2021 Art Heist
2020 2020-04-04 20 UMD Puzzle Hunt 2020 Jeopardy!
Fall 2019 2019-10-06 14 UMD Puzzle Hunt Fall 2019 Wild Goose Chase
Spring 2019 2019-03-31 22 UMD Puzzle Hunt Spring 2019 Clues to the Cosmos
2018 2018-03-31 28 UMD Puzzle Hunt 2018 It's Lit
2017 2017-04-01 17 UMD Puzzle Hunt 2017 UMD: Department of Enigmatology

References[edit | edit source]