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Sandbox below:

The Waterfall Effect - Each circular puzzle feeds into the next, such as providing givens or crucial markings, requiring solving of the previous wheel before being able to begin work on the next.

Masyu - Spin 1 is a Masyu puzzle, albeit on an abnormal grid shape.

Slitherlink - Spin 5 is a Slitherlink puzzle, again on an abnormal grid shape.

Number Placement (Logic Puzzle Type) - While there is no specific named type of logic puzzle at play here, Spins 3 and 4 function via the placement of numbers based on a set of instructions and deductions.

Colour Placement (Logic Puzzle Type) - Similarly to 3 and 4, Spin 2 does not contain a specific logic puzzle, but instead uses logical principles to place colours based on a specific set of instructions.

Circular Grid - Unlike some circular grids that may have a center space for use in multiple radiating sequences, this grid acts more like a ring, with nothing being placed in the central space.

Measuring Distance (Arbitrary Units) - Segments along the gridlines are measured during the extraction section of the Final Spin.

Alphanumeric Substitution Cipher - The final extraction relies on the conversion of distances measured between two points to letters, although these distances only ever reach 24 at maximum.