Bay Area Night Game

Bay Area Night Game
Running TeamVarious
First huntBANG 1 (2002)
Most recent huntBANG 37 (2016)
Number of hunts32
LocationVarious locations around the San Francisco Bay Area

Bay Area Night Game (BANG) was a series of puzzle hunts that were hosted by various teams and located in various cities in the San Francisco Bay Area. The first BANG was held by David Alyea in the Presidio of San Francisco in November 2002, and was inspired as a shorter form of The Game. BANG typically last about 4-8 hours, and most games are held in the afternoon, though some are held later at night. The courses generally only require teams to walk from destination to destination. More recent BANG's use the ClueKeeper app in order to track progress. There is also a tradition where each team brings a gift valued at about $5-15, and members of the top 5 or so teams wins a prize. Initial hunts were played as a succession game, where the winner of the hunt would write the next BANG, but this restriction was loosened, with teams claiming various numbers and running a BANG when the hunt is ready. As a result, the numbering no longer matches chronological ordering of the hunts. To date, the last BANG, BANG 37, was held in July 2016.