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ClueKeeper is a mobile app designed for building and playing puzzle hunts, usually ones that involve going from location to location. It was created by Rich Bragg and Brent Holman in 2013. The app allows for submitting answers (including partial answers) and hint delivery. There is also an augmented reality module powered by Zappar.

Format[edit | edit source]

Typically, ClueKeeper hunts follow a certain structure. For each puzzle, only time spent solving the puzzle is counted. Each puzzle has a designated par time, which is also the base value of solving the puzzle, in minutes. Solving the puzzle faster than this par time gives bonus points equal to the number of whole minutes that the puzzle is solved faster than the par time. In order to count only the time spent solving the puzzle, each location has volunteers that provide the start code to a puzzle (as well as other materials needed to solve the puzzle). This means that time spent in transit between puzzles usually does not matter for the purposes of scoring.

Hints are given at certain time intervals. Hints may be unlocked earlier if the team demonstrates progress (for instance, if they submit a partial answer). It may be possible to get hints earlier than normal but this usually forfeits the time bonus and may have other time penalties. Due to the generally linear nature of walking location-based hunts, later hints (typically given at or near the par time) tend to be more straightforward.

Hunts[edit | edit source]

Hunts that use ClueKeeper include:

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