Cryptex Hunt 2018

Cryptex Hunt 2018
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No. of Rounds4
No. of Puzzles (Feeders and Metas)31
Timeframe and Location
Start TimeFeb 24 2018
Official End TimeApr 7 2018, 8:00pm ET
Hunt LinkLink
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Cryptex Hunt 2018 is a Hunt in the Cryptex Hunt franchise. It was the first Cryptex Hunt and ran under the moniker Prexcyt Hunt and is primarily set within a MUD environment running on the CoffeeMUD system. Puzzlers have to navigate within the MUD to find puzzles to solve. The hunt is still currently accessible and working.

The puzzlehunt was designed and created by Errol Elumir, Darren Miller and Daniel Egnor and sponsored by Justin Nevins of who made custom hand-crafted Cryptexes for the winners. The main set of puzzles started on March 1st which was labelled as International Cryptex Day and started the Cryptex Hunt series. Many others contributed stories to the Prexcyt Anthology which helped to set the theme of the world created in the MUD.

The hunt consisted of 4 rounds. The Warm-up Round ran from February 24th to March 1st and aimed to introduce puzzlers to what a MUD was and familiarize them with the environment while presenting some simpler puzzles. The Daily Puzzle round ran on the weekdays from March 1st to March 5th with a new puzzle unlocked each day. To access each day's puzzle you had to have completed the previous day's puzzle and to access the first one you had to have completed the warm-up. The finale was originally going to be released on March 31st, but due to server problems over the finale weekend, the finale was moved back a week, and the original finale puzzles were converted to bonus puzzles. The new finale round was released on April 7th, with new puzzles.

The winners of the contest received a cryptex made by Justin Nevins, a mug and a shirt. Each cryptex arrived locked with a letter which lead to a set of five puzzles required to unlock the cryptex. The letter was later shared by the winners so that others who had not won could still undertake the puzzles.

List of Puzzles[edit | edit source]

The first two puzzles lead players to a link to the MUD game. Afterwards, most puzzles use the unique structure of the MUD to provide puzzles in a text based format, although a small number of puzzles use links to images, applets or documents hosted outside of the MUD.

Warm-up Round[edit | edit source]

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Finale Puzzles[edit | edit source]

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