Discover your true puzzle-solver name (Cryptex Hunt 2022)

Discover your true puzzle-solver name
Cryptex Hunt 2022
Author(s)Spencer Beebe
AnswerClick to revealGIANT, SIXTH

Discover your true puzzle-solver name is a word puzzle and the fourth puzzle of the 2022 Cryptex Hunt. It is presented as a image similar to those shared on social media about making something (dream vacation, pseudonyms, etc.) using a chart and one's initials.

Solve Paths[edit | edit source]


For the first part, most of the initials are just noise. All that one needs to do is look at the prompt below the word list, asking for the result for "your favorite Kardashian". Seeing as three of the four Kardashians also have a K as their first initial, the answer to the prompt is most likely to be LOGIC FANATIC, which does fit into the spaces at the bottom. However, Rob is also one of the Kardashians. His puzzle-solver name would instead be MAGIC FANATIC, which thankfully still fits. No matter which one is chosen as the solver's favorite, the extraction is the same. Looking at the spaces marked by little explosions, solvers can extract their five-letter final answer.

Part 1 Final Answer: Click to revealGIANT.


Now that the Kardashians are taken care of, solvers should look at the text at the very bottom. It mentions "last year's design team", as well as looking for "extraneous results". As it turns out, the design team for the previous year's Cryptex Hunt is well-documented here. Almost all of these peoples' initials form very puzzle-y titles, often related to their role in creating the hunt (Justin Nevins is CRYPTEX CRAFTER, Errol Elumir is HUNT CREATOR, etc.). However, Nathan D'Silva's puzzle-solver name is COMPOUND WORDS; this does not line up with the other names, and ends up being the "extraneous results" mentioned earlier. If solvers apply this to the word list (specifically for identical first and last initials), the should find five compound words: NOTEBOOK, CLOCKWISE, BRAINSTORM, LETTERBOX, and KEYNOTE. Arranging these alphabetically, solvers can get their final answer by looking at the letters that lead to these names forming.

Part 2 Final Answer: Click to revealSIXTH.

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]

Part 1[edit | edit source]

  • Pop Culture - Internet Memes - "Find your X using your initials" is a common clickbait/interaction fishing meme spread on many social media sites (particularly Instagram and Facebook).
  • Contingency Plan - While the question of "[What's] your favorite Kardashian" can be answered in multiple ways, most of them result in the same initials (K.K.). However, the lone non-KK (Rob Kardashian) also results in the same answer
  • Marked Letters - After the new name has been placed in the blanks, the highlighted ones spell the final answer}}

Part 2[edit | edit source]