Cryptex Hunt

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Cryptex Hunt
Logo of Cryptex Hunt
First hunt2018
Most recent hunt2023
Number of hunts6

The Cryptex Hunt is an annual, online hunt with a mechanic of searching for hidden puzzles. It is normally an event which runs for a week, where puzzles are released on a daily basis.

It is sponsored by Justin Nevins, who provides a Cryptex® as a first and second prize. The hunt traditionally takes place around March 1st, penned as 'International Cryptex Day' by Nevins.

History[edit | edit source]

The Cryptex Hunt was first created in 2018 when Errol Elumir wanted to create a puzzle hunt and Justin Nevins wanted to create a unique, custom Cryptex® as a prize for a puzzle hunt.

Since then, it has become an annual event where the first place winner receives a custom Nevins Line Cryptex®, and a second draw prize of a standard 5-ring Cryptex®.

Previous Hunts[edit | edit source]

List of Hunts
Year Launch Date Number of Puzzles Notes
2018 2018-02-24 31 Puzzles were hidden in a MUD.
2019 2019-03-01 20 Puzzles were hidden in a magazine.
2020 2020-02-29 9+bonus Puzzles were hidden in a novel.
2021 2021-03-01 10+2 metas Puzzles were hidden in 8-bit adventure games.
2022 2022-02-28 10+meta Puzzles were hidden in puzzles.
2023 2023-05-01 11+2 metas Puzzles were hidden in Youtube videos.[1]

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