Fillomino is a type of region division logic puzzle, where the object is to divide the grid up into regions (in a square grid, polyominos). Regions of the same size may not touch. Some cells have numbers; these must denote the size of the region that the cell is in. Some regions may have multiple, or no clues. Fillomino can alternatively be seen as a number placement genre, where the objective is to fill in positive numbers in the grid such that every number N is in a group of exactly size N.

Background[edit | edit source]

Hitori was first introduced in Puzzle Communication Nikoli #47 in 1994, invented by すらんた ("Suranta"). The original name for the genre was フィルオミノ ("Firumino") which is a portmanteau of the English loanwords for "fill" and "-omino".[1] The genre was inspired by the earlier genre フィルマット ("Firumatto"), which additionally requires all regions to be size 1xN rectangles.

Puzzle Application[edit | edit source]

An example Fillomino puzzle
The solution to the above puzzle

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