Ghost Patrol

Ghost Patrol can refer to some puzzle hunt events in the San Francisco Bay Area or the people who run these events.

Each round in a Ghost Patrol event involves learning some facts about a restless ghost by solving puzzles, with the last puzzle in the round concluding by helping the ghost rest.[1]

Members of Ghost Patrol Game Control formed Trivium Games, an escape room company. They have a Ghost Patrol[2] escape room, which was considered one of 50 TERPECA Top Escape Rooms in 2021, as rated by escape room enthusiasts.[3]

List of Ghost Patrol hunts[edit | edit source]

Ghost Patrol has run twice as a full-size The Game: once in 2008 and a Reconstructed edition in 2013. It has also run twice as a smaller scale (the size of a single round) Bay Area Night Game, as Bust A'Nother Ghost (BANG 29) and Late Night Snack (BANG 37).

References[edit | edit source]