A'phabet Day (Holiday Hoopla 2023)

A'phabet Day
Holiday Hoopla 2023
AnswerClick to revealASTEROIDS
No. solves65
No. total guesses129

A'phabet Day is a puzzle from Holiday Hoopla 2023. Its difficulty level is categorized as Hard relative to the other puzzles in the hunt.

The puzzle is presented as a grid followed by a series of crossword clues.

Solve Path[edit | edit source]

The puzzle indicates that there are three steps to the puzzle.

  1. the crossword clues
  2. the Tetris grid and linked video
  3. the enumerated blanks


Each part of the puzzle has its own flavor text to hint what solvers should do.

Step 1[edit | edit source]

Solvers are told that this section involves "gaming lingo". The answers to the crossword clues are all words that have a secondary meaning in the context of video games. Some of the clues contain a question mark at the end to indicate the presence of wordplay.

Crossword Clues and Gaming Lingo
Row Clue Answer Wordplay Explanation
A If John Kennedy were an Anthony instead…, abbrev.? AFK (J->A)FK
A Hawaiian bowl dish with fish + work week starter, for short? POKEMON POKE + MON
B Bearded ruminant GOAT
B Meta’s all-in-one VR headsets QUESTS
C Spider’s construction WEB
C Violent behavior, in British slang AGGRO
C LMN followers? OP O and P are the two successive letters in the alphabet.
D A ____ OR C OR D? ORB "OR B"
D Sulfur + future queen, maybe? SPAWN S + PAWN
D Fifth tone of C major, fifth tone of C major? GG G + G
E Deep sorrow GRIEF
E Palindromic data? STATS The word "stats" is a palindrome.
F Crush to a powder GRIND
F Tabloid tell-all tale, but with the former partner swapped out for a letter like a golf ball support? T-POSE EXPOSÉ -> (EX->T)POSE -> T-POSE
G Thrill or boot KICK
G Aang or Roku, for example AVATAR
H Former measure of distance, around three miles LEAGUE
H Opposite of "Woman Z"? MANA "MAN A": WOMAN -> MAN, Z -> A
I Aries animal RAM
I Take advantage of EXPLOIT
J Clean with a broom SWEEP
J One Piece clown BUGGY
K Loafing around IDLE
K Rags or goads TAUNTS
L Jet problem? LAG "Jet lag"
L Fuel location for the army vehicle? TANK Double definition: a tank is where fuel is stored; a tank is also a vehicle.
L Engineering sorority founded at Marquette University, in the English alphabet AOE Alpha Omega Epsilon

Solvers may notice that the answers can fit in rows A-L of the grid with one letter per cell.


This image depicts the result of placing all the answers from step 1 into rows A-L of the provided grid (one letter per cell).

Step 2[edit | edit source]

Solvers are given a grid and a video of Tetris blocks being placed onto that grid. However, only the top few rows are shown in the video, so solvers must keep track of where each piece lands.

If solvers correctly assume that completed rows on the Tetris grid do not clear the blocks (as normally happens in a game of Tetris), the grid will be almost completely filled by the end of the video. There will be some 1x1 gaps remaining in the grid.


This image depicts the result of completing step 2 in the puzzle. Tetris blocks have been placed according to the sequence in the video. Nearly all of the letters from the first image are now obscured, but a few letters are visible through 1x1 gaps not covered by Tetris blocks.

Step 3[edit | edit source]

Solvers are told that "A'phabet Day" is "Noel Day", or "No 'L' Day". Solvers should remove the L-shaped Tetris pieces to reveal the letters behind.

Solvers can read all the remaining letters (from both the L-shaped pieces and the 1x1 gaps) and use the provided enumeration to piece together the final cluephrase: Click to revealAMONG US WEAPONS TASK CLEAR BLANK.


This image depicts the result of completing step 3. The L-shaped pieces have been removed from the configuration in the second image, so that additional letters can be seen where the L-shaped piees one were.

The word that correctly completes the blank is the final answer to this puzzle: Click to revealASTEROIDS.

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]

Tetris - This puzzle is centered around a game of Tetris.


Visual Extraction - Extraction involves reading letters from specific locations on a grid.