Fuel Synthesis (Holiday Hoopla 2023)

Fuel Synthesis
Holiday Hoopla 2023
AnswerClick to revealMINUTE
No. solves65
No. total guesses88

Fuel Synthesis is a word puzzle from Holiday Hoopla 2023. It is the metapuzzle and final puzzle for the hunt.

The puzzle is presented as a recipe to follow.

Solve Path[edit | edit source]


Solvers may notice that the numbering of the steps in the recipe does not start from 1. Instead, there are gaps between the numbers, and the largest number is 25. The instructions say that "X remembers what holidays they collected them on," so solvers should match each step with the appropriate feeder puzzle using its title.

Assigning puzzles to each date
Date Puzzle Answer
4 International Cheetah Day PLEDGES
8 National Brownie Day PIVOTAL
10 Dewey Decimal System Day GENRE
12 National Ding-a-ling Day GOLD
16 National Chocolate Covered Anything Day MOUSSE
18 Answer the Phone Like Buddy the Elf Day CHARLIE BROWN
20 National Dot Your I's Day WHITEBOARDS
22 National Mathematics Day MITTEN
23 National Roots Day FINLAND
25 A'phabet Day ASTEROIDS

Each step has an instruction to transform its associated answer.

Transforming the Feeder Answers
Date Instruction Answer Transformation Result
4 Keep the final two letters and surround it with an abbreviated Facetime. PLEDGES (-pledg)ES surrounded by FT → FEST FEST
8 Take the abbreviated medical device in this ingredient and concatenate it with the US state abbreviation in this ingredient. PIVOTAL IV + AL IVAL
10 Keep only the first three letters, but have the first letter follow Caesar back one step. Prepend with the letter O. GENRE GEN(-re) → GEN → FEN → OFEN OFEN
12 Make it French without an article. GOLD GOLD → OR OR
16 Discard southeast. MOUSSE MOUS(-se) MOUS
18 Take the prefix, which corresponds to an abbreviated ability name in Dungeons and Dragons, and append the final letter of this ingredient to it. CHARLIE BROWN CHA (charisma) + N CHAN
20 Keep only the second letter of the color, remove the snake, and shift the remaining four letters to the left on a QWERTY keyboard. WHITEBOARDS (-w)H(-ite)(-boa)RDS → HRDS → GESA GESA
22 Extract the tall twins from this ingredient. MITTEN (-mi)TT(-en) TT
23 Take the code of the largest airport in this ingredient. FINLAND HEL (Helsinki Airport) HEL
25 Discard everything except the first three letters. ASTEROIDS AST(-eroids) AST

When concatenated, the resulting transformations fit the enumerated blanks, save for the the last few blanks, which are marked with question marks. An online search for the cluephrase so far reveals that it represents another December holiday, Click to revealFESTIVAL OF ENORMOUS CHANGES AT THE LAST MINUTE.

The answer to this puzzle is Click to revealMINUTE.

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]