International Cheetah Day (Holiday Hoopla 2023)

International Cheetah Day
Holiday Hoopla 2023
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International Cheetah Day is a trivia puzzle from Holiday Hoopla 2023. Its difficulty level is categorized as Medium relative to the other puzzles in the hunt.

The puzzle is presented as 7x7 grid with each row and each column labeled with a different phrase.

Solve Path[edit | edit source]


Solvers may notice that the phrases used to label the columns could all plausibly describe facts about cheetahs, while the phrases used to label the rows cannot (and do not seem to fall in any particular category).

The flavor text says "As an endangered species, cheetahs' days are numbered." The column clues all involve numbers in some way, so solvers can do some research to determine what those numbers are.

Determining the numbers for each column
Column Clue Number and Unit
1 Acceleration Time 3 seconds to accelerate from standstill to top speed
2 Breaths 150 breaths/min while sprinting
3 Cubs Smuggled 300 cubs per year
4 Former Range Countries 30 countries where they are now extinct
5 In the wild (approx.) 7000 cheetahs
6 Population decrease (last century) 90 percent decrease
7 Sprint 110 km/h or 70 mph

Similarly, a number can be assigned to each row clue.

Determining the numbers for each row
Row Clue Number and Unit
1 April, June, September, and November 30 days in the month
2 Bald eagle feathers 7000 feathers
3 Binary six or platinum anniversary 1102 or 70th anniversary
4 Dunbar 150 people (Dunbar's number)
5 Hat-trick 3 achievements
6 Square corner 90 degrees
7 Ten-pin bowling perfect score 300 points

The sets of numbers for the rows and for the columns are identical; solvers can take the intersection of each row with the column that shares its number.

Matching Row Numbers with Column Numbers
3 150 300 30 7000 90 110 or 70
30 B D A P H N G
7000 A B I S L K U
110 or 70 L B P M I C E
150 A D T G R I S
3 G T N C S U I
90 C A H G N E T
300 N A S R H W E

Reading the letters row by row, from top to bottom, reveals the answer Click to revealPLEDGES.

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]


Research - Quantitative data about cheetahs are needed to solve the puzzle.

Intentional Ambiguity - The units associated with each number are deliberately left out of the clues.