National Chocolate Covered Anything Day (Holiday Hoopla 2023)

National Chocolate Covered Anything Day
Holiday Hoopla 2023
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No. solves75
No. total guesses134

National Chocolate Covered Anything Day is a word puzzle from Holiday Hoopla 2023. Its difficulty level is categorized as Easy relative to the other puzzles in the hunt.

The puzzle is presented as a list of items, followed by a second list of numbered clues.

Solve Path[edit | edit source]


Solvers may notice that the first list of items contains nouns in alphabetical order. These nouns all appear to be concepts in astronomy and physics.

The flavor text asks "What in the wiki is even going on?" A plausible next step would be to visit the Wikipedia article for each topic.

The clues in the second list can be found verbatim (or nearly so) in the Wikipedia articles.

Matching Clues with Article Titles
Number Clue Article Title Answer Extracted Letter
1 x*10^26 [unit] Universe meters M
2 Proposed in 197[number] Dark matter halo 1970 O
3 Right after "c" in a Roman hero name Galaxy cluster Hercules U
4 [letter] _ _ _ _ _ (type) Galaxy spiral S
5 Type for which masers are uncommon Asymptotic giant branch stars S-type stars S
6 _ _ _ _ _ _ [letter] (a flavor) Quark strange E

Extracting the letter or number indicated in the clue yields the final answer Click to revealMOUSSE.

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]


Research - An external resource (Wikipedia) is needed to complete this puzzle.

Marked Elements - In several clues, the letter or number to extract from each intermediate answer is directly indicated.