Hunches in Bunches

Hunches in Bunches is a team that participates in the MIT Mystery Hunt. The team was split off from Random in 2016 after writing the 2015 MIT Mystery Hunt as One Fish Two Fish Random Fish Blue Fish. As a result, the team is primarily composed of alumni of MIT's Random Hall, who mostly went to MIT in the late 2000's and early 2010's. Their name, as well as their team username (thelorax), refers to the Dr. Seuss theming of this name.

Mystery Hunt performances[edit | edit source]

Date Hunt Rank Notes
2023-06-02 ABCDEFG 19
2022-01-14 MIT Mystery Hunt 2022 12
2021-01-15 MIT Mystery Hunt 2021 8
2020-01-17 MIT Mystery Hunt 2020 12 as thelorax
2019-01-18 MIT Mystery Hunt 2019 10
2018-01-12 MIT Mystery Hunt 2018 11
2017-01-13 MIT Mystery Hunt 2017 8
2016-01-15 MIT Mystery Hunt 2016 11
2015-01-16 MIT Mystery Hunt 2015 Host

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