MIT Mystery Hunt 2015

MIT Mystery Hunt 2015
Running TeamOne Fish Two Fish Random Fish Blue Fish
Winning TeamLuck, I Am Your Father
Timeframe and Location
LocationMIT (Cambridge, MA)
Hunt LinkLink
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MIT Mystery Hunt 2015 was the 35th iteration of the MIT Mystery Hunt. It was run by Random under the name "One Fish Two Fish Random Fish Blue Fish". (The running team would split away from Random to form Hunches in Bunches starting 2016.) The theme was "20,000 Puzzles Under the Sea", a play on Jules Verne's science fiction adventure novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas.[1]

Luck, I Am Your Father and Left Out solved the Atlantis Meta Meta, the final puzzle before the final runaround, 14 seconds apart from each other.[2]

To do TO DO

List of Rounds[edit | edit source]

Each regular round has a single metapuzzle, and each super-round has a single metameta combining all of the rounds under it.

Super-round Round Title Number of Feeder Puzzles
Workshop Machine Room 9
Optics Lab 7
Chemistry Lab 8
Ocean School of Fish 56
Pod of Dolphins 9
Coral Reef 8
Treasure Chest 8
Graveyard 7
Atlantis Colorful Tower 7
Spotted Tower 5
Spiky Tower 9
Golden Tower 6
(None) Aquatic Acquaintances 4 (no meta)
Runaround 5 parts

Unlock Instructions[edit | edit source]

You can experience more or less the same progression as was in the actual hunt by registering an account on

Reviews and write-ups[edit | edit source]

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From solvers[edit | edit source]

Leaderboard[edit | edit source]

The data source only gives a list of teams, ordered with the 11 finishers in order of when they found the coin, then the rest of the teams by the DEEP reached by Sunday night.[3]

Rank Team
1 Luck, I Am Your Father
2 Death and Mayhem
3 Left Out
4 PuzzFeed
5 Palindrome
6 Setec Astronomy
7 Up Late
8 ✈✈✈ Galactic Trendsetters ✈✈✈
9 Codex Atlanticus
10 Metaphysical Plant
11 Metropolitan Rage Warehouse
12 Immoral, Illegal & Fattening
13 Wafflehaus
14 Central Services
15 The Providence Transplantations

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. In the wrapup, it was noted that there were actually 20000 puzzles in the hunt - in base 3. (for a total of 162 puzzles written in decimal)
  2. Dr. Nautilus (tumblr)