Carousel (MIT Mystery Hunt 2020)

MIT Mystery Hunt 2020
Big Top Carnival
Author(s)Nina Hinrichs, Brent Holman, Wei-Hwa Huang
AnswerClick to revealSTIRRUP DRAMA
No. solves23
No. total guesses132

People can’t seem to get on the carousel horses! What’s the problem?

Carousel is the metapuzzle of the Big Top Carnival round of the 2020 MIT Mystery Hunt.

Answer List[edit | edit source]

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]

Metapuzzle (Pure Meta) - The puzzle body consists only of the flavortext.


Identification (Sports, horse racing) - This puzzle is actually about horse racing. Each answer shares one word with a two-word Kentucky Derby winner. CRIMSON TIP, for instance, is BROKERS TIP, who won in 1933.

Reordering (Chronological) - The answers can be sorted by the year that horse won.

Eigenletters - The other word in the answer is the same length as the other word in the horse's name. The two words share one eigenletter; extract this letter. (For example, CRIMSON and BROKERS overlap on the R.)

Asked and Answered - As with most metapuzzles, the solution to this metapuzzle answers a question in a punny way—in this case, why no one can get onto the carousel horses.