Goldilocks (MIT Mystery Hunt 2020)

MIT Mystery Hunt 2020
Storybook Forest
Author(s)Mark Gottlieb
AnswerClick to revealALL FOR ONE
No. solves91
No. total guesses140

Goldilocks is a word puzzle from the Storybook Forest round of the 2020 MIT Mystery Hunt.

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]

Text Heavy - The puzzle is presented in a typical "list of clues" format, written such that each answer is described as "too X" to fit the Goldilocks theming.

  • Word Play - Before and After. Answering each clue provides one half of a phrase "X and Y"...
  • Pairing - ...which can be paired with another clue using the other, unclued half of the phrase.
  • Indexing - The second list of clues contains indices, which can be used on the linking words. Ordering by the arbitrarily-ordered first list of clues, we obtain...
  • Final Clue Phrase - ...the clue phrase PARTNER OF ONE FOR ALL, which also constitutes part of an "X and Y" phrase.