MIT Mystery Hunt 2021/⊥IW.giga

⊥IW.giga is one of the rounds of the 2021 MIT Mystery Hunt, with the first puzzles unlocked when teams reach a JUICE level of 100. Notably, it begins with the metapuzzle for the first sub-round already solved.

Description[edit | edit source]

Three rectangles with puzzles to select from in them. The top one has titles written on asteroids. The middle one has titles written on land masses. The bottom one has titles written on microchips.
Puzzle selection artwork for the ⊥IW.giga round. In descending order: ⊥IW.giga, ⊥IW.kilo, ⊥IW.milli.

On the round page, the first subround, ⊥IW.giga, is situated in space, with each puzzle appearing as an asteroid. The second round, ⊥IW.kilo, is situated in a planet, with each puzzle appearing as an island. The third round, ⊥IW.milli, is situated on a circuitboard, with each puzzle appearing as a circuit. Once the second subround is unlocked, navigation between the subrounds is possible via a magnifying glass that can zoom in and out.

In the projection device, ⊥IW.giga appears as a series of space rocks and air-locked chambers, with puzzle givers being aliens. The ⊥IW.kilo round took place in a normal classroom setting, with puzzle givers being clean room technicians. The ⊥IW.milli round took place on a circuit board with puzzle givers being robots.

Navigation Puzzle[edit | edit source]

The navigation puzzle in the projection device involved a multi-state maze. Upon solving some puzzles, devices that allowed for changing the size of the player character unlocked. Many actions, such as going through certain tunnels, using size-changing devices, and getting puzzles from NPC's, required players to be in a certain size.

List of Puzzles[edit | edit source]

Puzzles in ⊥IW.giga are divided into three sub-rounds by size, with a single puzzle carrying over to the next level down as a meta.

Giga (Top Level)[edit | edit source]

Kilo (Middle Level)[edit | edit source]

Milli (Bottom Level)[edit | edit source]

Metapuzzle (Rule of Three/Twins)[edit | edit source]

Rule of Three starts off automatically solved, and Twins cannot be solved forward.

Click to revealInstead, Twins must be backsolved by understanding the meta mechanism for Rule of Three along with solving enough other feeder puzzles. To do TO DO

Metapuzzle (Twins/Level One)[edit | edit source]

Twins in .kilo is zoomed version of same named puzzle in .giga. You need to zoom again by Click to revealbacksolving.To do TO DO

This time, target is Level One.

Metapuzzle (Level One/⊥IW.nano)[edit | edit source]

Finally ⊥IW.nano appears in .milli, but you need to Click to revealbacksolve again.To do TO DO