Circular Reasoning (MIT Mystery Hunt 2021)

Circular Reasoning
MIT Mystery Hunt 2021
Author(s)Anderson Wang, Jakob Weisblat, Jon Schneider, Lewis Chen and Robert Tunney
AnswerClick to revealOLD AGE
No. solves25
No. total guesses67

Circular Reasoning is a puzzle from MIT Mystery Hunt 2021 in the ⊥IW.giga round. The puzzle is presented as a list of clues.

Solve Path and Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]


Cryptic Clue - The clues can be solved straight. But as it turns out, they can be solved as cryptic clues as well, which turns out to be the answer to a different straight clue!

Cycles and Chains - You can chain the clues up in this manner, matching straight answers and cryptic answers.

NATO Phonetic Alphabet - One member of each cycle is a NATO alphabet letter from A-F. This gives an ordering.

Alphanumeric Substitution Cipher - Finally, to finish, take the A1Z26 letter for the size of each cycle.

Accolades[edit | edit source]

Award Date of Ceremony Category Result
1st Bravo Awards January 13, 2022 Best Feeder Puzzle Won
1st Bravo Awards January 13, 2022 Most Elegant Puzzle Won
1st Bravo Awards January 13, 2022 Best Word Puzzle Won