NPL Convention

The NPL (National Puzzlers' League) Convention is an annual convention held in various cities around United States and Canada, and is organized by various members of the National Puzzlers' League. It typically takes place in July of each year. Conventions are usually named in a punny way that ties both the location as well as "Con" together.

History[edit | edit source]

The first NPL convention was held in July 1883.[1] Early NPL conventions featured puzzle contests as well as officer elections for the league. Conventions were held twice a year until 1958 (with a pause between 1942 and early 1946 due to World War II), when the election process was moved to a mailing ballot. Conventions would resume in 1976, though now separate from the voting process. Instead, they became an annual gathering of NPL members to meet up as well as share puzzles and play games together. The 2020 NPL Convention was canceled as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, a series of online gatherings known as "Conlines" took place.[2]

Traditions[edit | edit source]

The NPL Extravaganza is a puzzle hunt that is usually held on Saturday night during these conventions. Intercoastal Altercations was an NPL "mini-convention" that was hosted in many locations as well as online simultaneously.

References[edit | edit source]