P&A Magazine

P&A Magazine
Running TeamFoggy Brume
First huntJanuary 2006
Most recent huntJanuary 2022
Number of hunts93

The P&A Magazine (short for Puzzles and Answers, also often referred to as Panda Magazine), is a puzzle hunt magazine written by Foggy Brume, started in 2006. Issues typically are released every two months as a PDF file, and contain about 8-10 standalone warmup puzzles known as "Pieces of Bamboo" as well as a full puzzle hunt round with about 12 puzzles and a metapuzzle. Each issue has a top ten leaderboard listing the first ten groups or individuals to submit the correct answer to the meta of the main puzzle hunt round, as well as a full list of all groups that submitted a correct answer to every puzzle in that issue. The solutions to the "Pieces of Bamboo" section are in the same issue and the solutions to the main puzzle hunt round are released in the following issue.

As of 2022, each issue costs $12 USD. There is additionally a P&A Sampler that is freely available in order to give an example of the kinds of puzzles that appear in a typical P&A Magazine issue.[1]

Other Puzzles[edit | edit source]

The site also hosts a number of other puzzle hunts. The Puzzle Boat is a larger multi-round puzzle hunt, also written by Foggy Brume. Additionally, it publicly hosts later editions of the Intercoastal Altercations, several practice Palindrome hunts, and various other hunts written by Foggy.[2]

Palindrome Practice Hunts[edit | edit source]

Escape the Room (by Eric Berlin)[edit | edit source]

Other Hunts[edit | edit source]