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P&A Magazine
Running TeamFoggy Brume
First huntJanuary 2006
Most recent huntDecember 2023
Number of hunts103

The P&A Magazine (short for Puzzles and Answers, also often referred to as Panda Magazine), is a puzzle hunt magazine written by Foggy Brume, started in 2006. Issues typically are released every two months as a PDF file, and contain about 8-10 standalone warmup puzzles known as "Pieces of Bamboo" as well as a full puzzle hunt round with about 12 puzzles and a metapuzzle. Each issue has a top ten leaderboard listing the first ten groups or individuals to submit the correct answer to the meta of the main puzzle hunt round, as well as a full list of all groups that submitted a correct answer to every puzzle in that issue. The solutions to the "Pieces of Bamboo" section are in the same issue and the solutions to the main puzzle hunt round are released in the following issue.

As of 2024, each issue costs $12 USD, with older magazines decreasing in price as time passes. Ring In The New, the oldest magazine costs $4.95 USD as of 2024. There is additionally a P&A Sampler, written in 2015, a full hunt of nine puzzles that is freely available in order to give an example of the kinds of puzzles that appear in a typical P&A Magazine issue.[1]

Other Puzzles[edit | edit source]

The site also hosts a number of other puzzle hunts. The Puzzle Boat is a larger multi-round puzzle hunt, also written by Foggy Brume. Additionally, it publicly hosts later editions of the Intercoastal Altercations, several practice Palindrome hunts, and various other hunts written by Foggy.[2]

Palindrome Practice Hunts[edit | edit source]

Escape the Room (by Eric Berlin)[edit | edit source]

Other Hunts[edit | edit source]

Standalone puzzles[edit | edit source]

These early sample puzzles were produced around 2006-2007, and do not feed into a meta.

List of Issues[edit | edit source]

This table was generated from the purchase page on the P&A website.

Name Issue Date Product Code Description Price (USD)
Planes, Trains, and Everything Else 2023-12 PA103 Once again Wes Carpenter engages in spurious copyright infringment. $12.00
Pumpkin Spice Lethargy 2023-09 PA102 It's that time of year again for pumpkin spice everything. $12.00
What Is That !©§¤¢¶&+@¥¿%$ Noise? 2023-07 PA101 There is some noise coming from the downstairs neighbor that has left you puzzled. $12.00
A Zillion Little Pieces 2023-05 PA100 Wes Carpenter has invited you to help him adapt a new memoir, but there's some validity issues. $12.00
Yabba Dabba D'oh! 2023-03 PA099 Get your head on straight and grab a bowl of cereal for a new animation block. $12.00
X 2023-01 PA098 Ugh...math. Why is there math? $12.00
Wish You Were Here 2022-09 PA097 I lost my luggage, had my money stolen...it's just a whole lot of bad. $12.00
Wish You Were Here 2022-09 PA097 I lost my luggage, had my money stolen...it's just a whole lot of bad. $12.00
Victual Vehicles 2022-07 PA096 The food truck court is full, and you have questions. $12.00
Untitled Panda Game 2022-05 PA095 You are a horrible panda. $12.00
Too Many Rodents 2022-03 PA094 Uh-oh...looks like there are some members of order Rodentia upset they were left out of the prologue of the 2022 MIT Mystery Hunt. $12.00
The Sweet Smell of Success 2022-01 PA093 Let's all go to the candy shop. $12.00
Ren Faire, Ren Foule 2021-09 PA092 Your friend wants to go to the Ren Faire. $12.00
Quiet on the Set 2021-07 PA091 Wes Carpenter is back and he's making some noise. $12.00
Property Bothers 2021-05 PA090 We here at P&A dive into real estate. $10.00
Open Up and Say Huh?! 2021-03 PA089 It's time for a trip to the dentist. $10.00
New Years Eve, Part 2 2021-01 PA088 Our couples from the first issue are back with two new couples. How are we handling our resolutions now? $10.00
Musical Chairs 2020-11 PA087 Your friend has a great idea for a party game...musical chairs. Yep. Woo-hoo. $10.00
The Last Issue of P&A (*until the next one) 2020-09 PA086 Well, that time has finally come. What are we to do? $10.00
Kids Write the Darnedest Puzzle 2020-07 PA085 Hey, I've gotten too busy what with the lockdown and everything, so I got a bunch of kids to write this issue. Enjoy! $10.00
Jumping the Shark 2020-05 PA084 Well, it's finally happened. We've jumped the shark. There's only one thing left to do. $10.00
I Scream, You Scream, Wow, That's a Lot of Screaming 2020-03 PA083 Wes Carpenter needs some help with a very, very bad movie. $10.00
House of Frankenstein 2020-01 PA082 Igor's back at work. $10.00
The Good, The Bad, and the Puzzly 2019-11 PA081 It's a hot day in Deadwood and the sheriff needs your help. $10.00
Five by Five 2019-09 PA080 Everything is not five by five as you try to determine if Faith is cheating in the Sunnnydale Game Tournament $10.00
Every Good Solver Deserves Fun 2019-07 PA079 You woke up, unable to remember what happened the day before. What's affecting your memory? $10.00
Doctor Stabby's Very Bad Day 2019-05 PA078 Doctor Stabby is having quite a bit of difficulty today, and is trying to express how he's feeling. $10.00
Can't Start the Music 2019-03 PA077 We got a broken jukebox and some puzzles. $10.00
Bang! 2019-01 PA076 What's with all the exclamation points in recent issues?!!!! $10.00
American! Puzzle! Warrior! 2018-09 PA075 It's a championship of linguistic feats that no one seems to win. What does all of our contestants in? $10.00
Braaaaaaaaaaaains!!!! 2018-07 PA074 Zombies are attacking! $10.00
Mannix! 2018-05 PA073 A woman has gone missing but a group of detectives is not having much luck finding her. $10.00
Kelp! 2018-03 PA072 What is it about the Atlantean on-line review service that everyone hates? $10.00
Taking a Powder 2018-01 PA071 It's scandal on the ski slopes! $10.00
Six Authors in Search of Meta, Part 6 2017-11 PA070 Madeleine L'Engle is swiftly tilting towards a new character to help her reboot A Wrinkle in Time. $10.00
Six Authors in Search of Meta, Part 5 2017-09 PA069 Isaac Asimov needs someone to help with all these crazy robots. $10.00
Six Authors in Search of Meta, Part 4 2017-07 PA068 Louis L'Amour is stretching his chops in the Wild West, looking for a counterpart to his medicine woman. $10.00
Six Authors in Search of Meta, Part 3 2017-05 PA067 Agatha Christie is trying to figure out whodunnit. $10.00
Six Authors in Search of Meta, Part 2 2017-03 PA066 Edgar Allan Poe has hit a writer's block, and needs a new character to write about. $10.00
Six Authors in Search of Meta, Part 1 2017-01 PA065 Tired of writing about the landed gentry of Britain, Jane Austen is looking for new characters. $10.00
Election Fatigue 2016-11 PA064 What do we really need as this election season comes to an end? $10.00
Mascot Mystery 2016-09 PA063 Uh-oh! Some slick consultant wants to make some changes to our mascots. $10.00
Road Trip 2016-07 PA062 You've been stuck between your siblings in the back seat, travelling all across the country visiting tourist attractions. But what do you remember the most? $10.00
Yet Another Superhero Movie 2016-05 PA061 After the three hours and fifteen minutes you spent watching Revengers of Justice Squad, you've figured out what was so disappointing about the film? $10.00
Console Wars 2016-03 PA060 The Console Wars are heating up. What will finally bring peace to the Console Wars? $10.00
A Decade of Bad Ideas 2016-01 PA059 We celebrate a big anniversary here at P&A by acknowledging our worst ideas. What could go wrong? $10.00
Wes Carpenter's Foreign Movies 2015-11 PA058 Wes Carpenter is back, this time dabbling in foreign movies. $10.00
The Green Issue 2015-09 PA057 Why has our recycling program never worked? $10.00
2015 Holiday Spectacular 2015-07 PA056 What do we want most of this holiday weekend? $6.00
Select Your Own Story 2015-05 PA055 What advice does our Select Your Own Story adventures provide? $6.00
The Panda Bearly Mobile App 2015-03 PA054 What were the unkind words about our failed P&A Magazine puzzle app? $6.00
#RejectedOlympicEvents 2015-01 PA053 When not writing puzzles, our puzzle creators like submitting entries for @midnight's hashtag wars. What entry were they most proud of? $6.00
It's in the Cards 2014-11 PA052 Your gaming partner has become obsessed with cards. $6.00
The Danish Toy 2014-09 PA051 Your friend has a set of video games that are not providing the excitement you expected. $6.00
Gold Rush 2014-07 PA050 What treasure has our puzzle creator hidden? $6.00
Fantasy Football 2014-05 PA049 What's the devastating move the home town team has mastered? Find out inside. $6.00
I May Not Know Puzzles... 2014-02 PA048 Your roommate has taken up painting...and it's not pretty. $6.00
Umami! 2013-12 PA047 The fitting epilogue $6.00
The Sweet Smell of Maple in the Morning 2013-09 PA046 What led to a failed invasion? $6.00
A Bitter Pill to Swallow 2013-07 PA045 What led to the untimely death of a secret agent ferreting out moles in his organization? $6.00
The Salty Rime of the New-Fangled Mariner 2013-05 PA044 The dinner adventure continues $4.95
Mr. Fox and the Sour Wines 2013-03 PA043 The dinner adventure begins! $4.95
The Prediction Predicament 2013-01 PA042 Why do we not trust our psychic? $4.95
King of the Hill 2012-11 PA041 It's politics as unusual in this issue of P&A $4.95
Creature Double Feature 2012-10 PA040 Wes Carpenter returns in Creature Double Feature! $4.95
Puzzle Runway 2012-08 PA039 What went wrong at the fashion show? $4.95
With This Ring 2012-06 PA038 Our special wedding themed issue $4.95
Foolish Games 2012-04 PA037 We're offering a new expansion pack: Everybody's a Joker. But what's missing? $4.95
The Enigma Sutra 2012-02 PA036 What special gift did Dr. Stabby's girlfriend give him for Valetine's Day? Find out now. $4.95
Computer Failure 2011-11 PA035 What befell P&A's computer operations back in September? Find out now. $4.95
Death in a Soap Opera 2011-09 PA034 The head writer of Sandalwood Springs has been murdered and you must identify the culprit. $4.95
Irate Avians 2011-07 PA033 Some pigs need your help from a feathered pack of ruffians. $4.95
A Weighty Issue 2011-05 PA032 This issue is full of more than just mental exercises. $4.95
The Punditry Circuit 2011-03 PA031 Our puzzle expert is attacked from both sides on a news show. $4.95
Five Years of P&A 2011-01 PA030 Dr. Stabby's celebrating five years of P&A magazine with gifts that don't quite seem to fit. $4.95
Word Search: The Musical 2010-11 PA029 It's the worst musical ever, but what's really bothering the critic? $4.95
The Halloween Party 2010-09 PA028 Help D'Artagnan and Grover figure out why their party was a bust...the panda knows why. $4.95
Carpenter in 3-D 2010-07 PA027 Wes Carpenter returns with a big stinking 3-D goose egg in his hands. He needs your help to find out why. $4.95
The Battle of the Doughboys 2010-05 PA026 It's an all-out food-fight as a town's chefs do battle. $4.95
The Crass Menagerie 2010-03 PA025 The animal kingdom has undergone a personality shift and needs your help. $4.95
Resort to Murder 2010-01 PA024 Jimmy the Shift & Kat return, and while on vacation, murder rears its ugly head. $4.95
The Vampire Puzzles, Part II 2009-11 PA023 Things go from bad to worse in Vermont as the vampire is revealed, and you're faced with a difficult choice. $4.95
The Vampire Puzzles, Part I 2009-09 PA022 In a small inn in Vermont, you and a band of strangers try to unravel the clues leading to the identify of a vampire. $4.95
It's All in the Cards 2009-07 PA021 Someone is up for a game of cards, and has a deck of puzzles for you to try. $4.95
The Taking of What 1-2-3? 2009-05 PA020 A theft has occurred in Enigma City, and its up to you to navigate the city's subway to unravel this crime. $4.95
Colorful Characters 2009-01 PA019 What has Reverend Shimmedshale done to you and your town? Hopefully these puzzles will help you figure out the answer $4.95
The Strange Puzzles of Dr. J and Mr. H 2008-11 PA018 Our puzzle contributor this month is suffering from conflicting personalities. Which for you means double the puzzling. $4.95
Nerve-Wracking Cinema 2008-09 PA017 Horror schlockmeister is back, and Wes Carpenter's having trouble with the MPAA. Can you help him with his newest release? $4.95
A Host of Problems 2008-07 PA016 A grueling night at The Griddle has left the waiters puzzled, but you have the solution. $4.95
The Poet Didn't Know It 2008-05 PA015 A friend of yours has ventured into the fields of bad poetry, and needs your advice. $4.95
Running On Empty Promises 2008-03 PA014 Jimmy the Shift returns...only it's not looking too good for our intrepid detective, as investigating political candidates turned out to be unhealthy. $4.95
That's Some Bad Luck Brad 2008-01 PA013 Another friend of yours (aren't you the social butterfly?) has run into a spate of bad luck. But it's good luck for you, because it means puzzles. $4.95
A Day At The Races 2007-11 PA012 A friend of yours has been horsing around at the track, and needs your help. Or at the very least, a ride. $4.95
What's on TV This Fall? 2007-09 PA011 Why do all the new shows seem the same? Why do the networks never seem to have much originality? This issue explains why! $4.95
P&A's Summer Reading List 2007-07 PA010 What are we reading here at P&A this summer? Solve and find out $4.95
I, The Fury: A Jimmy the Shift Puzzle Mystery 2007-05 PA009 Jimmy the Shift returns to track down the location of twelve missing jurors and a judge from a high-profile murder case. $4.95
Enigmatic Idol 2007-03 PA008 Twelve puzzles vie for the title of Enigmatic Idol. Who will stand triumphant at the end? $4.95
Forces of Nature 2007-01 PA007 There's a storm of evil brewing, and it's up to Captain Clear Skies and his co-horts to end this wicked weather. $4.95
The Son Of The Attack Of The Return Of The Revenge Of The Comeback Part III 2006-11 PA006 Wes Carpenter's back with a new project and this time it's enigmatic! $4.95
The Fabulous Reprint Issue 2006-09 PA005 Who needs new puzzles when I've got 80 years of P&A to draw on? This issue includes classic, groundbreaking puzzles, including one from our debut issue in 1926 $4.95
Welcome to Camp Palms 2006-07 PA004 All you wanted to do is start a new job and a new life, but fate has something different in store for you in the form of a ghost town. $4.95
Doctor Jigsaw 2006-05 PA003 The doctor is in, and overloaded with patients with a wide variety of complaints. Help him with the diagnosis and figure out the best treatment. $4.95
The Shift Hits The Fan 2006-03 PA002 Private detective Jimmy the Shift Jackson has been hired to find a missing will. But will success put in his client in deadly jeopardy? $4.95
Ring In The New 2006-01 PA001 Five couples are coming over for a New Year's Party. It's a good thing we got puzzles for everyone! $4.95

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