Baywatch (Puzzle Rojak 1)

Puzzle Rojak 1
AnswerClick to revealKINDER EGG SURPRISES
No. solves115
No. total guesses181

Baywatch is a puzzle in Puzzle Rojak 1. This puzzle contains nine groups of sentences as well as blanks at the bottom.

Solve Path[edit | edit source]


Solving this puzzle involves identifying nine popular TV series, often on streaming services. One break-in can involve noticing the juxtaposition of "melting pots of sugar", "hundreds are shot", and "Marbles are won and lost" and deducing that this refers to Squid Game.

Descriptions for all but one episode are listed per series. Extraction involves indexing from the missing episode's title as per the blanks on the bottom.

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]


Identification - All of the sentences describe something that people can see, and the goal is to identify the source material that the sentences are describing.

Missing Information - Each group of sentences describes the same topic and covers nearly everything except one part. That one part is later used for the final extraction.