Chess Shop (Puzzle Rojak 1)

Chess Shop
Puzzle Rojak 1
AnswerClick to revealUNENDING STRUGGLE
No. solves59
No. total guesses118

Chess Shop is a chess puzzle from Puzzle Rojak 1. The layout involves a list of 5 versions of chess as well as 40 different chess puzzles to be won in 1-3 moves.

Solve Path[edit | edit source]

Much of the solve process involves determining which ruleset to apply to each board such that the player can create a checkmate. Chess solvers like and can be used as an aid to finding boards that work.

Extraction is done by tracing out the final move for each board and overlaying the lines for the boards that use the same ruleset to get letters that spell the answer.

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]

Chess Puzzle - A total of 40 chess puzzles need to be solved, using one of five rulesets that solvers must deduce.


Connect-The-Dots - After finding the winning moves, the previous position and final position of the last move must be connected.