Concert Stage (Puzzle Rojak 1)

Concert Stage
Puzzle Rojak 1
AnswerClick to revealHEADLINE ACT
No. solves103
No. total guesses350

Concert Stage is a word puzzle from Puzzle Rojak 1. It is a crossword with 79 clues, some of which have brackets or three question marks.

Solve Path[edit | edit source]


Most crossword clues can be solved normally, but some clues, including those with question marks and brackets, do not. Instead, these provide the lyrics to "Lesson By DJ" from the Dance Dance Revolution series as well as the instruction to STEP FIRST FOUR BARS.

Based on the center square, the clues with brackets then resolve to songs from Dance Dance Revolution A. Stepping the first four bars from the center square leads to letters. Ordering the song based on the corresponding "Lesson By DJ" lyric gets to the answer.

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]

Crossword - The premise of this puzzle is a crossword, with some clues that look a bit different.


Reordering - The clues with brackets provide lyrics to a song that also provide an ordering.