Meta 2: In Town (Puzzle Rojak 1)

Meta 2: In Town
Puzzle Rojak 1
Author(s)aki, Jonathan
AnswerClick to revealDETACHED BUILDING
No. solves84
No. total guesses126

Meta 2: In Town is a pure meta puzzle from Puzzle Rojak 1. The only other contents in the puzzle is flavor text, which is shared among the other two initial meta puzzles.

Solve Path[edit | edit source]


This metapuzzle used feeder answers from locations based on those from "In Town" of Where's Waldo.

Each feeder answer is two words of the same length. The later words has exactly one pair of two letters, which are from A to I. These provide an index used to get letters that lead to the final answer.

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]


Meta-matching - As with the other initial metas, the feeders need to be sorted.

Indexing - The "pairs" in one of the words for each feeder are indices that can indicate which letter to use.