Puzzle and Key Universe 1

No. of Registered Teams280
Winning TeamMiaoMiaoMeowe
No. of Rounds6
No. of Puzzles (Feeders and Metas)38
Timeframe and Location
Start Time8:00PM GMT+8, June 24, 2022
Official End Time8:00PM GMT+8, July 3, 2022
Hunt LinkLink
P&KU Chronology
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Puzzle and Key Universe (P&KU) 1 was the 1st iteration of P&KU, a Chinese puzzle hunt run by students from Peking University. The theme of this hunt was 'Tales of Observer'.

Structure[edit | edit source]

Rounds Number of Feeder Puzzles Number of Metapuzzles
孑孓独行者的开场 5 1
寻路觅途者的彷徨 9 1
斟酌词句者的隐喻 10 1
镜里观花者的剪影 8 1
自诩观测者的获赠 0 1
作茧自缚者的终焉 0 1