The League of Extraordinary Puzzlemen

The League of Extraordinary Puzzlemen, commonly abbreviated as LXP, is a team that primarily participates in live hunts around the San Francisco Bay Area, such as the Bay Area Night Game and DASH. The team was founded in 2008 as White Ninjas in BANG 18, and rebranded to LXP in BANG 20. The team hosted BANG 23 in 2010.

History[edit | edit source]

LXP's name is a riff of The League of Extraordinary Superheroes. As such, each member of the team has a superhero name. The team was formed from veterans from puzzle championships like the WSC/WPC (World Sudoku/Puzzle Championships, for logic puzzles) and the ACPT (American Crossword Puzzle Tournament): Nick Baxter (as Prof. Tangram), Tyler Hinman (as Kid Crossword), Derek Kisman (as Solverine), and Thomas Snyder (as Dr. Sudoku).[1]

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