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re: userpage comment[edit | edit source]

Just want to comment that there is no notability requirement to make a team page on this wiki, so you're welcome to make one for WUT and put on the list of teams (certainly it's a consistent name that I've seen in the leaderboards often) Phenomist-alt (talk) 22:52, 9 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

CCBC 13/14[edit | edit source]

Hi, thanks for your interest in contributing to the wiki. Some notes though:

  • The list of puzzles should be rendered as originally in the hunt (i.e. in Chinese) and shouldn't be translated.
  • Please do use the {{L|}} template for the list of puzzles. It is helpful to populate individual puzzle pages later on. You may refer to my edits to the Shardhunt page.
  • (I don't know what to do with the constellation puzzles. They could be substantial enough to merit their own pages too, for which I'd probably use the names 飞船 1 through 飞船 88, as 飞船 is the round name.)

Something that I'm less certain about, I posted to #wiki-discussion in the Discord, which I'd suggest you to join as well as an active content contributor to the wiki:

  • I'm not sure if the title of the page should reflect the 13/14 twist since that isn't immediately evident until later into the hunt. There is also a technical problem with using the pagename CCBC 13/14 as well; with the aforementioned L template, the / character in the title makes the wiki engine think that this is the "14" subpage of the page CCBC 13 (since CCBC 13 exists as a redirect)

Again thanks for your edits; these are just some stylistic guidelines/suggestions that would be great to follow so that the wiki follows a consistent format. phenomist (talk) 08:44, 21 August 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Sorry, I didn't know the rules for this wiki. I'll create a new one at CCBC 13 maybe tomorrow. Sorry for possible troubles. BotezGambit (talk) 10:21, 21 August 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]