Yuki is a team that participates in online hunts. The group also maintains YukiHunt, a tutorial website designed for beginners for puzzle hunts.

History[edit | edit source]

Yuki was founded in 2018 with a group of four friends. From the beginning, the team tried to attract additional new hunters, but at the time there were few introductory hunts or resources, so the group set out to create their own resource at YukiHunt, to give a more guided experience even for new players playing alone. The team name is named after the dog of one of the members.[1]

In GPH 2022, Yuki was the only team to discover an easter egg during the hunt, and was awarded a special green-colored certificate which can be seen in wrap-up.[2]

Hunt performances[edit | edit source]

Date Hunt Rank Notes
2022-08-26 Galactic Puzzle Hunt 2022 26
2022-06-18 Huntinality 2022 29
2021-07-16 Hunt20 2.1 Puzzle Hunt 22
2020-07-25 Smogon Puzzle Hunt 2020 27

References[edit | edit source]