Have you tried

Have you tried is a popular puzzlehunt document, written by ACME in 2001. The PDF page has been cited in a lot of puzzlehunt resources, with multiple variations and versions of the same.

The document has inspired Have you tried (team), the name of a puzzlehunt team. The document is also the inspiration/data source behind multiple hunt puzzles.

History[edit | edit source]

The guide was originally written by ACME members in 2001, and worked well enough to help ACME win MIT Mystery Hunt 2002.

They continued to use the guide when writing MIT Mystery Hunt 2003, and released it publicly during the hunt when teams were getting stuck on specific encodings already in the guide, including Morse code. While that did not result in teams getting unstuck, it did get picked up by other teams and became popular on its own, spawning multiple versions and variations. It was later also listed on MIT Mystery Hunt's beginner resources.

The guide was likely written by Lance Nathan, Dean Sturvesant and Francis Heaney.

Other variations[edit | edit source]

Other versions of the document include -

Puzzles about "Have you Tried"[edit | edit source]

Some puzzles that reference "Have you tried" include -