Puzzle Solving Resources

This is a list of resources specific to solving hunt puzzles and hunts. Puzzle Resources gives a list of general resources, while Puzzle Writing Resources gives resources tailored for writing puzzles; some of these resources may be helpful when solving puzzles as well.

Tool Collections[edit | edit source]

Transcription[edit | edit source]

Reverse Image Search[edit | edit source]

Word Finders and Pattern Matchers[edit | edit source]

Anagram Solvers[edit | edit source]

Puzzle hunt codes and codesheets[edit | edit source]

Apps[edit | edit source]

Ciphers[edit | edit source]

  • Quipqiup - Cryptogram solver.
  • Rumkin Cipher Tools
  • Rot-n Decoder - Variable caesar cipher decoding, including multiple shifts at once.
  • Ciphers/Codes/Cryptography cheat sheet - ref.wikibruce.com (Many Ciphers)
  • DCode - Various ciphers.

Logic Puzzle Solvers[edit | edit source]

Also see Comparison of logic puzzle solvers for a list of genres that these websites support.

  • Noq - Grid-based logic puzzle solver.
  • Sudokuwiki - Step-by-step sudoku solver, also supports diagonal and killer sudoku
  • f-puzzles - Sudoku solver supporting many different variants
  • pzprRT - Logic puzzle solver supporting Yajilin, Heyawake, Masyu, Slitherlink, Tapa, and other genres
  • PolyForm Puzzle Solver - Polyomino (and other shapes) dissection solver
  • LogicalSolver - Helper for solving logic grid or Einstein riddles-like puzzles
  • grilops - Library for useful constraint solving tools specifically for logic puzzles (intended for coding to solve new or variant puzzle types)