Bravo Awards

The Bravo Awards logo, designed by Justin Ladia

The Bravo Awards also called Bravos are a puzzlehunt award ceremony. They are intended to celebrate all things puzzlehunt for a given calender year.

The first Bravos, 1st Bravo Awards were hosted in January 2022 over Discord by Junkmail from teammate. Any puzzlehunt event hosted between MIT Mystery Hunt 2021 (inclusive) and before MIT Mystery Hunt 2022 were eligible for nomination.

Since then, the Bravos have become an annual ceremony, with Justin Ladia of Palindrome set to host 2nd Bravo Awards.

See Also[edit | edit source]

  • Twitch Stream link for Bravo Awards, used for 2nd Bravo Awards.
  • Link to the Discord server for 1st Bravo Awards.