Fortune Teller (MIT Mystery Hunt 2020)

Fortune Teller
MIT Mystery Hunt 2020
Wizard's Hollow
Author(s)Linda Holman, Nina Hinrichs, and Dave "Rico" Fisher
AnswerClick to revealLOCALITY
No. solves48
No. total guesses60

Fortune Teller is an interactive puzzle from the Wizard's Hollow round of the 2020 MIT Mystery Hunt. It is one of many ClueKeeper-based puzzles in the hunt.

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]

  • Flavortext - So you’ve come to seek your fortune. Alas, my crystal ball is clouded and not working properly. I cannot predict your fortune until my crystal ball is repaired. However, you may help me by clearing the clouds from my visions of specific locations across the MIT campus.
  • I Have Traveled Forty Parsecs - The app provides a number of "fortunes" (clues towards locations on the MIT Campus). After arriving at the location, the solver can then see the associated "vision" (an image of something at that location); by lining up the vision with the real thing, the solver can swipe on the screen to clear the clouds away.
  • Pun - Completing eight of these tasks reveals the following riddle: "What size of clothing do fortune tellers wear?" Click to revealThe answer to this riddle is MEDIUM.
  • Interaction - Solving the aforementioned pun yields a phrase to submit, which triggers an interaction with the fortune teller. This interaction provides the final answer for the puzzle within the now-fixed crystal ball.