1st Bravo Awards

The 1st Bravo Awards, then called just Bravo Awards were a Discord-based award ceremony. They were intended to celebrate all things puzzlehunt related in 2021.

All puzzles, hunts and creations released between MIT Mystery Hunt 2021 (inclusive) and before MIT Mystery Hunt 2022 were eligible for submission, and the ceremony was conducted by Junkmail on 13 January 2022 with an open-to-all voting process for finalists.

Awards[edit | edit source]

Winners in each category are listed first and highlighted with boldface text. Remaining nominees (including some honorable mentions) are given in alphabetical order.

Hunt of the Year
Short Hunt of the Year
Best Presentation
Most Innovative Structure
Best Direction
Best Metapuzzle
Best Feeder Puzzle
Most Elegant Puzzle
Nuovo Award for Puzzling Innovation
Best Introductory Puzzle
Funniest Puzzle
Best Twist on a Classic Style
Best Word Puzzle
Best Logic Puzzle

Best Interactive Puzzle
Best Non-Puzzle Contribution to the Community
  • The Projection Device (MIT Mystery Hunt 2021)
    • Character Witness - Level 51
    • Cypher House
    • Dropquote Solver - CJ Quines
    • Google Sheets Puzzle Tricks - Jonah Ostroff
    • Meta Data - CJ Quines
    • Noq - Michael Tang & Jenna H.
    • Puzzlehunt.net - Betaveros
    • Two hundred puzzles, fifty weeks later - CJ Quines
Delayed Award for Making Puzzle Hunts Better
  • gph site (This was a non nominated special award)

External links[edit | edit source]

  • Link to the Discord server for the ceremony