Infinite Corridor Simulator (MIT Mystery Hunt 2021)

Infinite Corridor Simulator
MIT Mystery Hunt 2021
Infinite Corridor
Author(s)Jon Schneider
AnswerClick to reveal(Varied by room)

Infinite Corridor Simulator is one of the puzzle types in Infinite Corridor from MIT Mystery Hunt 2021. Due to having multiple puzzles of the same type, answers and the number of solves and guesses are varied.

In this puzzle type, you'll see a dump of feeder answers and need meta-like solving.

Solve Path[edit | edit source]

These answer/puzzle pairings differ between different instances of Infinite Corridor Simulator. However, all Infinite Corridor Simulator puzzles use the same puzzle mechanics as each other and are shared with Click to revealreal Infinite Corridor meta.


The first letter of the first 18 answers tells us each type has a mini-meta.


To do TO DO


To do TO DO


The answer length for Library of Images type is almost identical to the Pi string, with exception of 0 in said string. Using answers in the position of 0 shows one digit and position.


Answer for Make Your Own Word Search type forms directional drawing separated by answer full of non-directional letters. Drawn letter forms one digit and position.


For Simulator type, Use both collection of first letters and combined entire letters. One of it has extra letter leading to one digit and position.

These answers form a number of the last required room, which is also the Simulator type.


The meta version of the last required room, in fact, has all answers for Infinite Corridor round. Just move to the number of said room.

And said room holds the answer to the puzzle.

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]

  • Mini-Meta - You can see Simulator type in the Simulator version of lists too.