P.I.HUNT 1 Metameta (P.I.HUNT 1)

P.I.HUNT 1 Metameta
AnswerClick to revealTOURNAMENTAL

P.I.HUNT 1 Metameta is the untitled metameta based on the opening prompt that asks what can describe "someone who has march madness".

Solve Path[edit | edit source]


The meta meta uses all player answers and match-up answers. Each match-up can be interpreted as a transformation done before concatenation.

DISEMBODIMENT refers to removing substrings that are body parts. Doing so to the feeder answers of Out of the Ordinary and Metalworking and concatenating results in Click to revealAPPLET.
TIDE STAIN REMOVAL refers to removing letters from TIDE and STAIN from the feeder answers to Cardiological and Weird-looking Creatures, respectively. Doing so results in Click to revealRUMOUR.
INTERSECTION refers to taking the shared letters in order from the feeder answers to Index Cards and Identity Matrix. Doing so results in Click to revealAMEND.
BETWEEN YOU AND ME refers to take the letters between ME and U for the feeder answers to Time Codes and Duck and Cover. Doing so results in Click to revealSTALL.
TAKE OUT FOOD refers to removing substrings that are food. Doing so to the results after the Arrowhead and Stained Glass transformations results in Click to revealTOUR.
INSIDERS refers to taking the letters that are not the first or last letter of the results after the Overlap and Lost in Translation transformations. Doing so results in Click to revealMENTAL.
The final answer is obtained by adding the chemical abbreviation of sodium between the results after the Evil Jigsaw and drɒpkwoʊt transformations.

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]


Word Compounds - Done bracket-style to obtain the final meta meta answer.