Rage is a team that participates in the MIT Mystery Hunt as well as a few other online hunts. Formed in 2014, the team was formed out of the remnants of Manic Sages after the team hosted the 2013 Mystery Hunt. Since their formation, they have placed in the top 10 in six Mystery Hunts. In hunts, their team name is usually a pun on the word "Rage".

History[edit | edit source]

Rage was formed in 2014. Many members previously hunted with Manic Sages, which disbanded after hosting the 2013 Mystery Hunt. The team's original name was "The Rage of the Quebecois", which was an inside joke that most team members did not understand, but was adopted because it was the only suggestion that no one disliked. The following year, the team was named "Metropolitan Rage Warehouse" after the MIT landmark, leading to the tradition of choosing a different rage-themed name every year. The similarity between "rage" and "sages" was unintentional.

Many members of Rage are alumni of Canada-USA Mathcamp or Carnegie-Mellon University.

Hunt performances[edit | edit source]

In 2020, Rage hunted as "This Rage Intentionally Left Blank".

Date Hunt Rank Notes
2022-01-14 MIT Mystery Hunt 2022 9 as 404 Rage Not Found
2021-01-15 MIT Mystery Hunt 2021 10 as Non-Abelian Rage Theory
2020-01-17 MIT Mystery Hunt 2020 9
2019-01-18 MIT Mystery Hunt 2019 11 as Exit, Rage Left (Pursued by a Bear)
2018-01-12 MIT Mystery Hunt 2018 4 as (Still Just A) Cat in a Rage
2017-01-13 MIT Mystery Hunt 2017 9 as The Rage of Aquarius
2016-01-15 MIT Mystery Hunt 2016 10 as Rage Against the Dying of the Warehouse
2015-01-16 MIT Mystery Hunt 2015 11 as Metropolitan Rage Warehouse
2014-01-10 MIT Mystery Hunt 2014 12 as The Rage of the Quebecois